Our mission is to make women feel and look great in fabulous hats. From the Kentucky Derby to bridal veils, our hats make you smile!

Our mission is to make women feel and look great in fabulous hats. From the Kentucky Derby to bridal veils, our hats make you smile!
Hat Trix is a small workshop designing, sewing and trimming all kinds of fashionable hats. Now in our eighth year, we make fabulous hats and bridal millinery. We began making hats for ourselves because it was very difficult to find high quality, fashionable pieces in the Midwest. Mary took classes from Jan Wutowski at Amuse Artisanal Finery in Wilmington, NC. She learned how to form hats and change their shape; how to wire feathers, how to make flowers and other kinds of trim. Mary taught her best friend, Paula, what she had learned and Hat Trix was born.

In 2017 Mary went to France to learn from a wonderful French milliner as well as shopping for amazing flowers, feathers and ribbons.We make hats because they are empowering. A hat can brighten your outlook and make you feel like you can take on the world. A hat is a celebration of individuality in a world that can make us feel more like numbers than miraculous works of art. Life is short, wear a great hat! 

- What We Offer -

Fabulous Kentucky Derby Hats; Carriage Driving Hats; Fascinators; Church Hats; Synagogue Hats; Red Hats; Sleighing Hats; Dancing in the Rain Hats and Hats for all of your special events. We can even incorporate fabric from your dress into the hat for a couture look.

Custom Trimmed Hats give a perfect finish to your outfit. We have lovely felt and Sinamay fabric (straw) hats that come in over 90 colors and an infinite number of combinations! The styles range from adorable cloches to that "look at me" hat for the races and parties. Your hat can be trimmed with wonderful ribbons, flowers and feathers for your perfect look.Fascinators! Sparkling flashes of light and color to wear for parties, church, or any fun event. 

 - Bridal -
Tell us your dream and we will create it. From a simple silk and crystal flower to a cathedral veil and everything in between. Our bridal pieces are hand made and can even incorporate a bit of lace or a button from the dress of a special family member. Our custom beaded headbands and combs are stunning with or without a veil. We can add highlights of crystal in a rainbow of colors to make your bridal fashion statement truly memorable.

We have been extremely lucky since 2013 to be chosen by bridal and evening gown designer Matthew Christopher to include our headpieces to accent his collections.

Check out the hats we have here but remember that each one is unique and if you don't see your dream, just ask us to create it for you.

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